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I'm just a 16-year-old guy. I live in Illinois, I sing and act and I love life! My posts are mostly inspired just by things that I'm thinking about, so read them and let me know what you think!

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The truth is I actually kinda want to go. I’m probably not going to though…


While I’m stressing about so many small things, I think back to my teacher who knows a family that lost their baby son last week. With all of the issues I’m dealing with, not one even comes close to losing someone from your life forever. I am thankful for my life even with the pain and stress it has, and my heart goes out to all of those who have lost a loved one recently.


Last night, my friend asked me if I wanted to go the movies, and I thought she meant today or some later time, but she meant that moment. I decided to go even though I was ready for bed watching the Golden Globes at 7:40. That’s me on a Sunday hahaha. No movies really started til after 9, but I picked her up anyway, and we just drove around for a bit and had lots of time to talk. I think it was really great to really interact. Text and facebook are so limited, and I think that just meeting somebody once can really do a whole lot more than a long facebook conversation. We ended up seeing “Beauty and the Beast” in 3D since most things are rated R and I don’t turn 17 til the 28th. It was a really nice evening :)

Quick Fix

Sometimes I watch others performing. I am a very professional singer, and I know the ins and outs of the craft fairly well, so whenever I hear people that are a bit off, I think about the few things they could do to make everything perfect! I am jolted by an urge to offer this person help with music, but of course that would offend them. It’s hardest for us to hear ourselves though, so I wonder if some people know what they’re even doing wrong. I just want to help….

4-Day Weekend

We just got back from winter break this week, and now we have Friday and Monday off, so it’s a 4-day weekend. I love the freedom that comes with 4 days of choice. I hate having a regulated schedule that never changes. I like switching things up. A general routine has some benefits, but changing it up occasionally is actually better for the brain! I have the freedom now to spend my whole days on my little bit of homework, reading, videogames, working on singing, socializing, or anything else I really want to do! It’s wonderful :)


Throughout middle school, I stuck to high moral ground, anybody who didn’t agree with me or made choices that I deemed poor were sorta blacklisted. I was judgmental and got into arguments all the time. I could feel the heat in my skull every time things started to get out of hand, but I never wanted to cave and show weakness. I hate seeming weak. When I was going into high school, I decided that I wanted to change. I figured that any time was as good as any other to change myself, so why not high school? I started to accept more people and stop judging people by their choices in certain areas. Everybody has their own life to live, and I have no right to tell them how to live it unless their choices are affecting me in some important way. Each year, I’ve been growing even more in this mission. I am also a positive influence on a lot of people in my life now. I even rant sometimes philosophically or just throw in random sayings here and there. It’s just part of what I do. My friends accept me for my oddities because they know that I’ll always accept them. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, right? hahaha

thereisafineline said: Why are all your poems so great?? I haven't been able to write in what seems like =))

Thanks a lot :D I just sorta have an overwhelming emotion, and I feel like I have to express it in words. You’ve already written about 200 songs, so I think you’ve reached your quota for awhile XD


My heart expands, but not in the kind of way that kills people

It is full of molten, Spring-y, decadent love.

Yet it flies to the top of the Universe

It’s limitless in possibility, nobody says no to love

Some don’t say yes either, but their hearts always do

People yearn to feel the floating lava expanding their ribcage

Like a lofty cathedral.

Why did Leonardo and the Wrights search for wings when love is the only fuel you need?

Spread your light and float to the apex of humanity

Become that which we all aspire to be.

Embody love, and your life will never lose meaning

Love never loses meaning

Caring is always cared about

The greatest fear of many is that they care more about people than those people care about them.

It’s no fear of mine, but a reality

I know that I love and care more than anyone else possibly could

My love, my strength, my life could lift me to the Heavens

And it would rain down on everyone and nourish them

Empty would turn to full

More important than the lack of food is the lack of love

You may be able to eat dirt instead of food, but love has no replacement

Nothing else heals you

Nothing else completes you

Love bridges gaps, love fills the crevasses, love brings all Creation together

Love is pure because it is not a construct of man

Rather, love is man


I lifted it

I lifted it all

With no regard for myself

And now I’m rather small

My feet became ash

The load seemed to grow

But I lifted it all

Both my friend and my foe

My fingers are limp

I’m slumped in my chair

I’ll take ten pounds more

Whatever is fair

Grey matter is on the walls

Dripping to the floor

A perfect, justified sacrifice

Nothing I’d rather give myself for

My body isn’t empty

Although it’s disappeared

Love and friendship never die

As all of my friends feared

Your souls are chained

You’re all afraid

Just let me know

And in your boxes, I’ll be laid

My Outlook for Tumblr

A lot of people post pictures and funny cartoons, but I stick to my long, drawn-out opinions. I think that tumblr is equally amazing for both. I love the other blogs I follow because they repost the most hilarious things. I suppose that I provide a bit more thought than most other blogs while being incredibly funny and sarcastic ;) or not haha, but I try to keep it interesting.